Smart and reliable mobile reporting through 3-D visualization

Think about it: Every week, month or quarter new reports have to be created which are based on the current economic numbers. Wouldn’t it be great to have all precise figures and facts at the fingertip, anywhere and anytime? Yes it would be! And that is where Adwise comes into play:

Adwise brings structure and clarity to your reports. Based on in depth data analyzes and advanced analytics you have your mobile reports through 3D visualizations literally at hand. With the newly won visibility, you get access to up to date information. You also gain a deeper understanding of your processes allowing you to make better and faster decisions. Anytime. Anywhere.

The problem is, creating reports is a long and tedious task, which is literally never ending. With Adwise mobile reporting, you will not only safe time and money, but also make better and faster decisions!

Smart and reliable reporting

Be up to date about your most important KPIs regardless where you are and what time it is.


Faster & cheaper report delivery

Increased productivity by time and manual
work saving, more productive time for data analysis than for data handling


More insights gathered from data

Unlock hidden data potential with advanced analytics. By integrating and analyzing data from multiple sources you will develop insights in ways that are more efficient and accurate.


Optimize decision making

Faster and better decision making processes support by insights gathered from KPIs and analytics

Lots of data, but how to use it?

We know the challenge: You have got lots of data, but don‘t exactly know how to turn it into valuable output. Within a short period of time we will show you what, where and how this data will bring value by simultaneously reducing complexity. Once we defined common goals, your data sources will be located, analyzed and linked together. This provides the basis for meaningful reports which are presented in visualized 3D-Models of your products and components.

Get detailed mobile reports about all parts of your machines through an easy to use 3D visualization of your products.

Valuable data simply displayed

Below a few examples which will help you to stay up to date while making better and faster decisions, regardless where you are and what time it is..

Profitability: Which parts of my model impact most the profitability and which models are the most profitable ones?

Stage of development:Find out in what a stage of development your individual models are and how long the production takes.

Margin: What is the actual margin of the individual parts and the final product(s)?

Compare different models: Easily compare parts of different models by looking at various variables such as production time, margin, and goods sold.

Volume sold: How much has been already sold and what volume is needed to break even?

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