A Virtual Tour of Your Store

with Business View 3

A virtual tour with Business View 3 is an striking and cost-efficient solution to increase sales numbers. At the same time, it also increases your online visibility and customers get the chance to visit your store and experience it online!

Google Business View

Allow your website visitors to gather information about your products interactively and even to get in touch with your sales staff virtually. Thanks to the Google Business Views, customers can get an overview of your product range and get a first impression of your store.

Mehr Webseitenbesucher und höhere Einnahmen: Ihre Webseite wird um bis zu 30% häufiger von potentiellen Kunden aufgerufen und mit interaktiver Analytik werden Kundeninformation gesammelt welche Ihre Einnahmen steigern.


Customer analytics

Using real-time data analysis, you will be able to understand your customers better. Then you can adapt your marketing and sales strategy accordingly.


More website visitors

Virtual tours will increase the visitor count on your website by more than 30%.


Optimize customer acquisition

Give your customers information virtually on site by linking products, staff, or even reference customers with info boxes.


Cost-effective marketing

Thanks to integrated SEO, your website will be easier to find and more visitors will come directly into contact with your business.

 Business View 3 Content Management

Upgrade your virtual tour by embedding sales-promoting features such as a virtual online shop or product video. Help your customers find what they are looking for and provide manually customizable, clearly structured content. This way, you can gain valualbe data with the virtual tour, which, in turn, can help you increase your sales volume.

It takes about four weeks until an investment in BusinessView3 pays off. Interested? Get in touch!

Features & benefits of a virtual tour

Easy integration
The virtual tour is integrated using the VIEW3 tool.
Sales-promoting info boxes
The simple and effectice tool that comes with Google Business View and helps your customers to find the information they are looking for. Purchasing incentives are converted faster than ever before.
Your own designs
You can use your own design templates (HTML, CSS) for an easy adaption of your corporate design.
Data analytics
Gain important insights, such as access sources, new and returning visitors, or number of interactions during the virtual visit.

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