Smart Glasses in all departments (part 1)

Smart Glasses in all departments (part 1)

Whenever the topics of technical progress, digitalisation or augmented reality come up nowadays, a single catchword is never far away: smartglasses. As a very close interface between physical realities and our electronic worlds, smartglasses technology brings new opportunities for the optimisation of our working worlds. This applies to all departments of a company: from marketing & sales, logistics or maintenance, to the service department, production or quality assurance. Smart Glasses are also well suited for training & documentation.

Smartglasses for Marketing & Sales

The main task of this department is clear: to generate new customers and retain existing ones. Smartglasses can serve this purpose in various ways.

In order to win new customers, the department no longer has to rely on complex PowerPoint slides or novel paper documents to adequately communicate its own product range. Thanks to the camera and recording function in SmartGlass, a sales employee can easily record and save the items to be shown at any time. The result is a simple advertising video from the first-person perspective that can be easily played back by any digital device for both new and existing customers. If the marketing department is also a guest at a trade fair, for example, it gives every interested party a captivating experience when they can watch the recording up close on another smart glass.

Also, the field sales representative can directly establish a video connection to the headquarter, where an onsite tour or product demonstration is given with the help of smart glasses.

Of course, Smart Glasses can also be offered in conjunction with Remote Support as an additional sales incentive. Many companies today add Smart Glasses to their sold products. In case of support the customer can get remote video support by opening the support app on the Smart Glass. For better customer retention and marketing purposes, it is of course possible to brand the support app in your corporate design.

The effect of branded apps and mobile platforms has already been the subject of scientific studies (Wang, 2015). These prove the positive effects of advertising via apps, as they encourage much more interaction than more conventional approaches. Customer loyalty and sales increase as a result.


Smart glasses in the logistics department

Picking is certainly one of the most important fields of work in the logistics department. In the face of a huge warehouse, it is usually necessary to travel long distances and divide one’s attention between shelf numbers, storage locations and article lists. Every logistics employee is literally in action with arms and legs.

The Smart Glass a lso carry this well-known scenario into the age of digitalization. The result of the Pick-by-Vision concept is an unprecedented optimization of work processes in order picking: If the logistics employee wears the SmartGlasses, he receives all the necessary information live and directly on the display of the glasses: Directional instructions for the respective goods, shelves and quantities of the products to be sent. Built-in scanners register the barcodes of the respective storage locations, while an integrated WLAN module handles communication with the respective warehouse management system.

With smart glass, every employee literally has arms and legs at his or her disposal to operate vehicles and the like. This allows each employee to make optimum use of the available time and comfortably increase their own picking speed. This increases daily work efficiency without major personnel changes.

The use of Smartglasses for order picking has long since become the subject of relevant specialist articles, such as the magazine for computer technology (Ziegler 2017), which takes a complete look at the current state of this new technology.

In the next article, you will learn about the advantages of Smart Glasses for the service, maintenance and production departments: Smart Glasses for all departments (Part 2).

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Smart glasses at Aleger

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