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56 % higher efficiency

Too many tools such as excel, sticky notes, slack etc. make the execution of projects difficult. Collect and manage all data with the project mnagement tool centrally by always keeping the overview.


75 % improved teamwork

Which tasks have not been done, and why important points have not been documented. Clearly defined and assigned tasks with timelines will significantly improve collaboration.

32 % more time available

Ideas, tasks, and project progress need to be brought synced in long meetings. With the project management tool, you will stay up to date. Anywhere and anytime.

81 % increased productivity

Team members don’t stick to deadlines or important assignments are continuously delayed?
With the project management tool, you will keep the overview and your projects run like a well-oiled machine.

The project management tool:

Is an easy and intuitive platform for managing your projects and for controlling project progresses. The tool is 100 % customizable so that you can tailor dashboards and more to your individual needs, all common project methods (Gantt, WBS, Scrum, Kanban etc) are ready to use. Also, projects can be managed and edited from any device (Smart Phone, Tablet, Laptop), at any time.

For managing your project most efficiently, many helpful tools and features are at hand, eg.: Time and task tracking, integrated web-concerning, chat, baselines, critical path, etc.

Areas of deployment



+ An organization-wide approach to manage all projects
+ Follow progresses and avoid time-consuming micro management
+ Create a sense of urgency from day one and demand accountability
+ Focus on more than one problem and get the big picture


IT & Software

+ Manage and finish project faster with agile Methods (Scrum/Kanban)
+ Manage development and roadmaps more efficiently
+ More time for planning and less executing with resource management
+ Collect, analyse and optimize your team’s performance data.



+ Simplify communication between partners, customers and suppliers.
+ Real time control for finishing project on time.
+ Increase efficiency with IPMA / PMI certified tools & methods.
+ Boost productivity of employees through mobile access.


Education & Government

+ Speed up the information flow and collaboration.
+ Make the maximum of your budget and time.
+ Fix administrative issues super-fast.
+ Boost know-how transfer internally and externally.

From Gantt till monitoring

Project Management

For managing and visualizing you have got all popular project management methods available: Gantt, Work Breakdown Structure, Kanban and Scrum. Additionally, you can quickly define your projects with the help of the quick project planner.

Workflow Management

Take full advantage of many helpful tools for boosting efficiency, such as: Team Chat, Web-Conferencing, time recording, meeting calendar, and individual dashboards with up to date information.


Project Controlling & Monitoring

Monitor and steer your projects with the help of various reporting tools. Visualizing your projects through various charts, diagrams and reports will give to right overview for successfully managing your projects.

Additional Extensions

Ressource Management

Make sure the all your team members are not over or under-worked. Thanks to the integration between Gannt and attendance management, task can be assigned according to individual time tables.

Finance Management

Define project budgets for cost planning and keep your cashflow under control. Create and set up project calculations, send offers / invoices and also manage your salary statements – all connected to your individual projects.


Let your customers hand in support tickets via mail or directly through their customer account. Tickets can be either assigned automatically or manually to the responsible service employee. Also, keeps track of your performance through customizable help-desk statistics and report

Further benefits & functions

Using the open REST API or the middleware Zapier you can integrate our data bi-directionally with other systems.
Save travel costs and time by simultaneously increasing productivity with the integrated web-conferencing tool
Manage roles & rights
Through granular user management you can assign individual access rights to your projects and tasks.
100 % customizable
Customize every page to your individual needs so that you have got all important information always under control.
Only invest in what you are really using. Different packages and individual user licences are adapting to your requirements.
Server Implementation
The project management tool has to be installed on your server? No Problem!
Existing Connections
Stay flexible and syntonise date with further programs such as Outlook, Excel, or MS Project.
100 % mobile
Manage your projects on every mobile device, wherever you are. Be independent and maximal efficient.

Ready to boost efficiency and get your projects under control? Schedule a consultation with one of our Project Management experts today!

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