Neuron Soundware: Prevent Machine & Plant Failures Using Acoustics

Neuron Soundware offers a unique possibility to detect faults of machines and plants at an early stage. Sound and vibration data are collected by external acoustics sensors and evaluated immediately by self-learning software.

And how does this work exactly?

Neuron Soundware uses artificial intelligence methods to understand audio signals. Due to the unique audio data preprocessing, the NeuronSW neural network learns independently and identifies anomalies extremely fast.

„Erfahrene Techniker und Servicemitarbeiter erkennen oft am Klang der Maschine wenn etwas nicht in Ordnung ist. Neuron Soundware übernimmt genau diese Aufgabe, und informiert Sie sofort über Unregelmäßigkeiten.“

Gain new insights

Gain new insights for your research and product development and optimize your machines and plants.


Cost savings

Often, faults and subsequent maintenance can result in considerable costs. Why let it get that far in the first place?


No intervention in existing systems

External sensors do not interfere with existing systems, thus avoiding problems with regard to warranty.


Reduce machine failures

Early detection and prediction prevent mechanical disturbances in 99.95% of all cases. So downtime can be reduced easily and fast.

How does NeuronSW work?

In a first step, intelligent acoustics and vibration sensors are attached to the systems and industrial components to be maintained. Then, audiodata is collected and analyzed for anomalies over an individually defined runtime. The more data is gathered, the more accurate conclusions can be drawn about future disturbances.


Support features

Plug&Play: Acoustics and vibration sensors are installed on the components to be maintained and data collection and analysis are started.

Recognize anomalies in real-time: The system detects in real-time when something does not sound right and alerts you automatically.

Any device: Data can be accessed anytime from anywhere with any device (laptop/tablet/smartphone).

Integration into your IT system: Not a problem. Create new knowledge by linking your findings with other systems.

Lokale data processing: Microprocessors collect and process data locally, so they do not have to be online 24/7.

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