Increase employee and patient satisfaction with HappyOrNot

HappyOrNot — Your Service from the Patients’ Perspective

With HappyOrNot, the feedback system for doctors’ practices, you will be able to measure satisfaction among patients and to capture your patients’ experiences directly. HappyOrNot‘s intelligent service offers an easy way to collect valuable and insightful feedback from your patients and employees, to analyze your services, and to gather information. HappyOrNot will also enable you to make faster and better operative and strategic decisions and to increase satisfaction among patients in the long run.

Patientenzufriedenheit messen einfach gemacht: Durch das Feedback-System HappyOrNot erhalten Sie direkt Feedback Ihrer Patienten und Mitarbeiter und können so die entsprechenden Prozesse sofort optimieren!
Kundenzufriedenheit messen

Retain Quality Standards


Medical and personal care are just as crucial as catering or the ambience in a room. Do not just promise quality, but also secure it. Make your quality transparent.


Promote Your Image


A good medical reputation alone is not enough. With HappyOrNot, you can efficiently implement the experience of your employees in order to improve clinical procedures. This raises the satisfaction and promotes an excellent reputation.


Free Marketing


Personal recommendations are the most valuable advertising! Satisfied patients will come back and recommend their therapists. Also online and worldwide.


Increase Satisfaction Among Patients


Targeted feedback on medical and therapeutic services and the overall quality of service increases patient satisfaction by 10% per year.

What the Smiley Terminal can do

Check out our video and see for yourself how you can measure satisfaction among employees and guests with our Smiley Terminal HappyOrNot.

Optimization strategies can then be easily developed and implemented from the data obtained.

Terminal Services & Reports

Increase the satisfaction among your patients and employees with our wireless, always ready-to-operate Smiley Terminals. Find out how well you serve your patients when you collect feedback directly in the foyer or at the reception. Discreetly and uncomplicated. Our Smiley Terminals collect the feedback and our report service analyzes and reports all your feedback data.

Also available: Web Smileys™
Do you know how helpful your website is to patients? Our Smileys will tell you. Web Smileys are an effective and easy way to collect online feedback from your guests.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

HappyOrNot’s intelligent, cloud-based service collects and analyses your survey data and clearly represents the results.

Volume: Compared to other solutions, you can receive 20 times more feedback and therefore increase your understanding of your patients.

Trends: Monitor your service performance and implement measures for a long-term improvement of your services.

Compare and segment timewise: Compare different areas or locations and look at your results by the hour, day, week, month, or year.

Real-time warnings: Receive automated email notifications when negative feedback exceeds a predefined value.

Open interfaces: Integrate your results into your existing system and compare the data to other KPI.

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