Increase customer and employee satisfaction with HappyOrNot

Measure customer satisfaction with HappyOrNot, because satisfied people give impetus for change. HappyOrNot is the leading solution to increase your customers’ and employees’ satisfaction. What do customers or employees think of your company? Let the feedback system HappyOrNot Smileys do the math!

With HappyOrNot you will be able to collect customer opinions and improve business processes based on these findings. HappyOrNot’s intelligent services offers an easy way to collect valuable and insightful feedback data from your customers, to analyse your current service performance, and to generate information. You will be able to make better and faster operative and strategic decisions with HappyOrNot!

Kundenzufriedenheit messen einfach gemacht: Durch das Feedback-System HappyOrNot erhalten Sie direkt Feedback Ihrer Kunden und Mitarbeiter und können so die entsprechenden Geschäftsprozesse sofort optimieren!
Kundenzufriedenheit messen

Achieve higher sales volumes

Did you know that satisfied customers spend 40% more money?


Increase customer loyalty

You can increase customer retention by up to 25% with HappyOrNot!


Lower costs for customer acquisition

It is 7 times more expensive to win a new client than to retain an existing one!


Increase customer satisfaction

With HappyOrNot you can increase your customers’ satisfaction by up to 10% per year!

What the Smiley Terminal can do

Check out our video of the Smiley Terminal HappyOrNot and see for yourself, how employee and customer satisfactioncan be measured.

Optimization strategies can then be easily developed and implemented from the data obtained.

Terminal service & reports

Increase the satisfaction among your customers and employees with our wireless, always ready-to-operate Smiley Terminals. Find out how well you serve your customers when you collect feedback directly at the point of sale. Our Smiley Terminals collect the feedback and our report service analyzes and reports all your feedback data.

Also available: Web Smileys™
Do you know how your customers experience their visit to your website or online shop? Our Smileys will tell you. Web Smileys are an effective and easy way to collect online feedback from customers and employees.

Measure customer satisfaction

HappyOrNot’s intelligent, cloud-based service collects and analyses your survey data and clearly represents the results.

Volume: Compared to other solutions, you can receive 20 times more feedback and therefore increase your understanding of your customers.

Trends: Monitor your service performance and implement measures for a long-term improvement of your services.

Compare and segment timewise: Compare different areas or locations and look at your results by the hour, day, week, month, or year.

Real-time warnings: Receive automated email notifications when negative feedback exceeds a predefined value.

Open interfaces: Integrate your results into your existing system and compare the data to other KPI.

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