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nemetris — The intelligent smart industry solution

Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, smart industry, Digitization 4.0 — the terms may vary, but it is always about a vision that can be achived with nemetris: to digitize and network the entire production. With nemetris, processes can can be automated to a thus far unknown dimension, while the flexibility increases significantly. The potentials are enormous!

Industry applications for new business and service models

The digital change begs for new business models in machine and plant engineering and construction to remain competitive. nemetris offers a cost-efficient and scalable solution for the Industry 4.0!

„Die fehlende Vernetzung älterer Maschinen ist ein Problem. Wir brauchen neue Servicemodelle um unsere Kunden nicht an den Wettbewerb zu verlieren.“

Retrofit: Retain customers

The retrospective digitization of older machine generations
enables real-time monitoring of all industrial components. This avoids having to replace machines or even manufacturers.


Machine data as service offer

Smart industry apps visualize machine data in a tailored way and enable you to monetize it as a service offering. Predesigned apps can be customized or extended for your digital strategy.


Scalable and flexible

The nemetris platform collects data from various industrial components, adapts flexibly to changes, and is open to co-development.


Consulting services

Our experienced team will be glad to assist you with the development of new service revenues. From the development of new business models to their implementation.

The nemetris concept

Reduced complexity: The complexity of solutions, data, software, and processes is noticeably reduced thanks to the smart industry apps concept.

High integration: Existing and new machines, systems, technologies, systems, software, and processes are fully and simply integrated — and not to forget the people who work with it.

Improved transparency: Transparency is created for costs, project progress, individual adjustments, key figures, pay per use performance, open framework, human and machine integration, global KPIs and comprehensive traceability.

What are smart industry apps?

Recurring service revenue is also indispensable for mechanical engineers. Use smart industry apps to develop new service models by providing customers with accurate machine data, so that they can monitor and optimize e.g. machine utilization, operating conditions or maintenance intervals. This also has positive effects on the maintenance and servicing of machines.

We are your partner for innovative business and service models.

Why nemetris?

See first, then buy! Thanks to our “Proof of Concept”, systems are networked within a few days and you and your customers will then see the added value.
Step by step: Network your existing infrastructure step by step to make it “intelligent” rather than replacing everything at once.
Interfaces: Data is collected and visualized from the machine (S7, Modbus, OPC…) to the database, ERP or Cloud and all the way to the end device.
Data security: Data can be processed and stored in your data center or in your cloud.
Own ideas? The digitization platform, as well as the smart applications, are open for co-development.
Your service, your brand: Provide customer data using your branding and logo.
No high initial costs: With the pay per use model, you only invest in what you really use.

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