Digital Advertising Displays for Interactive Advertising

Digital advertising displays for more success

Totem Interactive helps you with digital advertising displays to use interaktive advertising. The solution encourages customers to interact directly with the advertising content on a digital screen. Digital advertising displays take your advertising campaigns to the next level and help you market your products better than ever before.

On the cloud-based advertising platform, incentives, such as contests or games, can animate customers to familiarize themselves with your services or products. Using their smartphone, they can communicate with your digital content and achieve added value. You can collect information from potential customers directly and use vouchers, discounts, or promises to visit your business.

In contrast to conventional advertising media, Totem Interactive is revolutionizing the advertising industry by means of digital signage. From now on, your customers can communicate directly with your business and/or products.

Measure success

Measure the success of your campaigns with digital advertising displays. Collect data about your customers directly through interactive advertising and social media. Use this data for future marketing campaigns!


Customer loyalty

Increase your customers’ loyalty by using innovative and interactive advertising displays. They will come back more often because of the direct interaction.


Brand awareness

Your brand, your business, or your products will receive your customers’ undivided attention. You will be surprised by the effect on your brand awareness!


Additional earnings

Rent out advertising space on your digital screens and earn money with your digital advertising displays!

What interactive advertising displays can do

Have a look at our video and find out how you can convince with digital advertising displays and interactivity. We will be happy to introduce you to our solution on site.

Interactive advertising with real customer interaction

In contrast to conventional advertising media, digital signage , combined with interactivity, creates significantly more attention. By networking with digital screens, you gain valuable information about your customers.

With Totem Interactive, your customers will have different options to communicate with your brand, your business, or your products (browse catalogs, try out objects, or try on clothes live and virtually, quizzes and games, etc).

The possibilities with digital, interactive advertising are unlimited and your customers will love it!


How interactive advertising works

Calibrate: Your customer connects his phone to your advertising space with automated push messages, QR codes, or a displayed link.
Interact: Your customer’s phone turns into a controller, which is then equipped with an accelerometer. Then your client communicates in real-time with your ad content.
Communicate: Your customer now can share their results in social networks. Additionally, they can compete with other participants. This enables you to collect analytical data, enabling you to reach your customers through other marketing channels.

Download a QR code scanner on your mobile device and try for yourself how interactive advertising with Totem Interactive works!

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