Aleger Smart glasses part 3

Aleger – Smart Glasses for all departments (part 3)

Whenever the topics of technical progress, digitalisation or augmented reality arise nowadays, a single catchword is never far away: data glasses.

As a very close interface between physical realities and our electronic worlds, data glasses technology brings new opportunities for the optimization of our working worlds. After the last articles talked about the departments Marketing & Sales and Logistics as well as Maintenance, Service and Production, now two more departments will be the focus of the data glasses.

Quality Assurance

That man makes mistakes every now and then is one of the basic truths of life. Our machines can therefore only be as good as their designers. Thus, the traditional field of quality assurance is quickly obvious: the eternal struggle with the error rate. Long-winded quality guidelines, random tests and quiet prayers against inaccuracies in the end product have perhaps been part of this business for a long time. But here, too, the age of digitization provides the right tools for new optimizations, with the AR SmartGlass and mobile data management solution. The data glasses with display and camera allow to record every step of the process comfortably and to save it on the cloud platform. Entire production lines become transparent and all types of defects can be easily detected. Even recourse claims can be quickly averted.

The SmartGlass can also become the best friend in production. The integrated code scanner can be used to transfer all necessary actions directly to the glasses. All the wearer has to do is scan the barcodes (or other tokens) on the production machines and receive a list of instructions that can also be called up in any language in a user-friendly manner. This scenario has already been the subject of a study by the University of Regensburg. 30 people from different languages received help through the data glasses in the production steps and the results are clear: 100 percent error-free work (Hahn, 2016).

Training and documentation

Flexible working models and part-time work are part of modern society. The increase in the number of employees coming and going has led to a significant drop in average working hours on the labour market and has confronted companies with the challenge of having to compensate for fluctuations in the number of staff during school enrolment. At the same time, machines are often better designed than before and require less maintenance. Although this costs every maintenance technician less work, it also increases the chance of forgetting essential things. At the same time, all skills and experience are lost when veteran technicians retire. All in all, this favours a certain loss of knowledge, which the training department has to face.

Again, the recording function makes the data glasses a valuable tool. Commissioning of new machines, complex maintenance situations, rare problems or valuable technical discussions can easily become an open, close-up “work library” for future times thanks to the camera. Studies have proven the potential value of such video knowledge collections some time ago. Because meanwhile ever more humans prefer on-line Tutorials dry guidances. By 2015 this was already the case for more than a third of all Internet users (Bitkom, 2015).

Augmented Reality & Aleger Global

Smart Glasses and mobile Data Management is one of three Augmented Reality solutions at Aleger Global. As part of our broad digitization portfolio, Augmented Reality (AR) is a central pillar with which we can individually address the needs of your company and help you develop a customized digital strategy to optimize your daily work.

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