LineMetrics: Real-time Monitoring of Your Plants and Objects

Digitize plants at record speed

With LineMetrics Asset Monitoring you can network and monitor your plant in record time. Optimize service issues such as resource scheduling and receive important information about your clients’ plant status for your own product development. In addition, you can strengthen your client loyalty by means of the newly acquired insights. And why not offer new digital services ?

LineMetrics Asset Tracking ist eine kosteneffiziente Plug&Play-Lösung um verschiedene Maschinen- und Prozessdaten zu erfassen und zu visualisieren. Dadurch können Sie Ihre Kosten senken und Prozesse einfach optimieren.

Lower costs & optimize processes

Monitor and analyze key figures such as workload, quantity, and standstill, and optimize processes and maintenance through the extensive asset monitoring.


Differentiation & new revenue

Set yourself apart from the competition and provide your customers with collected machine data from your asset monitoring as tailored service offers.


Retrofit: Retain customers

MModernize your assets quickly and effectively, and monitor them in real-time with LineMetrics. This avoids having to replace machines or even manufacturers.


Increase customer satisfaction

Asset monitoring in real-time helps to avoid events of fault with machines and plants while increasing your customers’ satisfaction & loyalty.

Offer digital services: Asset Monitoring

With LineMetrics , you can capture and monitor machine data and statuses from anywhere and in real-time. Reduce the working time that is wasted for machine servicing and maintenance. You are proactively notified when values are exceeded and standstills are recorded automatically. Compare plants and run times to gain new insights with unique asset monitoring. To learn more, watch our video.

Asset Tracking: Record, evaluate, monitor

Units such as controllers, sensors or measuring devices are connected to the LineMetrics Box via analog and digital inputs or by radio. The LineMetrics Box collects the measured values, optionally processes them and sends them over the mobile network to the LineMetrics Cloud, from where you can retrieve, evaluate and monitor the data from any location. This is the asset tracking of the future!

No matter where, when, and how. From now on you will be in the know about any plant status!

Asset Monitoring
Asset Tracking

Further benefits

Plug&Play from sensor to evaluation and graphic visualization by means of graphs, charts, and tables. These can be customized easily and fast, according to your needs.

Thank to the online access, you and your clients can access the plant data and objects at all times and intervene specifically.

Thanks to active alerting, incidents and exceeded values can be analyzed and corrected as quickly as possible.

The integration of data in your existing IT system is no problem. Using the open interfaces, you can process the data without any difficulties.

Low introduction costs: With the pay-as-you-go model, you can generate the first benefits with just a few resources.

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