IoT Workshop
In our workshop you will learn how to overcome current IoT challenges. We will make you ready for the future and will equip you with the right tools for making the right decisions.
IoT Solutions
State of the art technology in the area of Industry 4.0 and IoT. Our portfolio makes the entry easy. Just have a look and feel free to ask in case of questions.
IoT Consulting
Starting form the first touch of data collection up to the development of digital business models. We give you deeps industry insights for making the right decisions.
I4.0 Consultants
IoT Solutions
IoT Workshops

Why Aleger?

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100 % Customer Orientation

We create a portfolio to meet all of your needs. At the end of the day we will help you find what you need to be more successful in your market.

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Stay Flexible

Our solutions are cloud based (optional on premise). Safe costs and stay agile according to your business needs, instead of investing in expensive IT infrastructure

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Service, Service, Service

100% client satisfaction is one of our core values. We will provide you with detailed and personalized advice regarding the various product and service options.

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With little means you can start your digitalization journey within a short period of time.

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Always be up to date

We build and expand our portfolio around your needs and the current industry.

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Individualized Solutions

Every solution is evaluated meticulously and selected to make your business more successful.

IoT & Industry 4.0 Solutions

Take a look at our IoT & Industry 4.0 solutions, and don’t forget to come back regularly, because we are expanding our portfolio continuously.

External Service Support
Smart Glasses & Service App
IoT Plattform for Co-Development
Smart Mobile Reports
Predictive Maintenance With Sound
Business Intelligence & Data Visualization
Plug&Play Asset Monitoring

Always be one step ahead

Our carefully selected IoT & Industry 4.0 solutions will help you (re)gaining the competitive edge and will make your business more successful.

Our IoT portfolio

Take a chance with Aleger and enjoy the advantages of digital change. Increase your competitive edge and expand your business permanently. With us you will find new and innovative technologies, products, and services that are crucial for future success. We are creating your digital strategy!!

Become our partner

We are aware that, at first, new solutions have to reach a critical mass to become established in the market. We will help you embed your solutions in the marketplace and establish your company as as pacesetter of the industry. Take a look at our “For Partners” page to learn about the advantages of a collaboration with Aleger.

You are looking for an IoT solution, but you don’t know where to find it? Let us know! We are happy to help you with your business case.

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