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Next-gen Digital Training for Production Workers

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Build the workforce of the future

Factories need skilled workers, but they also need to get new employees on board fast while keeping current employees up-to-date. And the faster they can train workers, the more productive they can be.

That’s where Aleger comes in. We provide digital training to workers in production environments that ensures they have all the information they need to do their jobs right.

Digital Training Platform

Intuitive and customizable, our digital training platform makes learning in the workplace easy, so your workers can learn quickly and get back to production even quicker.


On-demand Training

No need to schedule classes or take multiple workers off the production floor. Training can be done individually around each worker’s schedule.


Accessible Certifications

Digital trainings are built around certification requirements and can be done at any time from any internet-connected device.


Effective and Affordable

Digital training provides the fastest and most effective training your employees can receive, all at an affordable cost.

What is our digital training platform?

Workers need a combination of knowledge and skill to perform in today’s production environments. But getting the right information into the hands of workers—and have them apply it in the real world—has posed significant challenges to maintaining an up-to-date workforce.

But not with Aleger’s digital training platform. By deploying multimedia content to a platform that works on both desktop and mobile devices, Aleger’s digital training content ensures your employees get the information they need to improve their performance, learn new skills, and increase productivity. There’s never been an easier way to help your workers achieve more.

Future-proof Your Business with a Smarter Workforce

Continuing Education

Ensure your employees are always up-to-date with the latest processes and techniques in your industry.

Scale Knowledge

Train more workers faster with a digital training platform that scales with your workforce.

Improve Workplace Safety

Reduce errors and safety issues by ensuring all employees not only follow but understand safety measures and how to react in a dangerous situation.

Improve Quality
and Output

Boost both production quality and output while improving workers’ skills and knowledge.

How does Aleger’s Digital Training Platform work?

Aleger’s digital training platform offers the most flexible and customizable software of its kind on the market. We work with you to understand your objectives and technology requirements, and build a customized system that meets both your business and employees’ needs.

And if your employees need certification, we’ve got you covered. We can build your certification materials and requirements directly into the system, ensuring that your workers have everything they need to grow within your company.
The platform supports SCORM, tincan, PDF, video, audio and image formats, as well as content from YouTube, Wikipedia, Vimeo, Prezi and more. No matter what format works best for your employees, Aleger can help.

Professional Video Documentation

Need help creating your training materials? Aleger can help! We can create professional-quality video training and other formats on any topic you need. From workplace safety to machine repairs, we can create video tutorials that bring to life everything you need your workers to know.

Videos can also include:

  • Storyboard and texts
  • Graphic elements and annotations
  • Translations into any language needed
  • Voice-over and music

Want to get more out of your videos? All materials are easily integrated with other Aleger solutions, such as the Aleger Smart Glass.

All the Features You Need for a
Full Digital Training Platform


Centralized Training Platform

All your training materials and resources are in one place, so there’s never a problem or delay because of lost or missing files.


Individualized Certifications

Administer and track each employee’s progress towards certifications.

Custom Roles & Rights

Advanced user management settings lets you control individual access to modules.


Training Anytime, Anywhere

Content is available to employees anytime, anywhere, and on any device.


Evaluations & Reports

Provide each employee with progress reports, while getting a global understanding of your workforce’s training.


Powerful Integration

Using REST APIs, our training platform can integrate with other platforms your business may use, or be used to share training with customers, suppliers, and other offices.

Ready to see how it works?

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