Neuron Soundware will bring down your costs by significanly increasing your machine uptime! NeuronSW has developed artificial intelligence which understands sounds. It focuses on industrial audio machinery diagnostics which will alert you prior to machine malfuntion.

So! How does it work?

NeuronSW uses artificial intelligence methods to gain understanding of audio signals. The unique pre-processing of the input data via a complex physical sensor model allows the neural network to learn and identify important mechanisms quickly.

This solution allows you to optimize operation via more effective predictive maintenance and real-time anomalies detection. This is achieved via sophisticated audio analysis algorithms powered by methods of machine learning.

NeuronSW out-of-the box device!

The solution of NeuronSW is 100 % compatible with your current machines. With ensured flexibly, this technology can be integrated into your existing systems.
Additonally, the NeuronSW IoT device supports:
Simultaneous data recording from up to 8 microphones, accelerators or other sensors.
Local data processing by micro computers; there is no need for permanent internet connection.
Central server data collection and remote diagnostic module updates.


Pilot Project: Car Issues Detection

Sound recordings were shared for the test of the technology by major European
automotive manufacturer:
The sounds were recorded all over the world using their mobile phones and tablets.
Samples were collected as part of the existing service network support process.
Central service support team manually tagged the dataset for training purposes
Achieved accuracy: 98 % on validation data set
Analysed sample lenght: 2 seconds
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For more information, download the brochure bellow!:

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